About me

I am an MA student in Psychology at Carleton University, advised by Dr. Adelle Forth. My research focuses on online behaviors and technology-facilitated sexual violence. My thesis, titled “iPredator: Risk Factors and Motivators of Image-Based Sexual Abuse”, explores the demographic, personality, and attitudinal factors associated with Image-based sexual abuse perpetration and victimization.

In 2018, I graduated with a BSc in Neuroscience and Mental Health with a minor in Biology, and a BA in Psychology from Carleton University. I completed two thesis projects: a systematic review titled “The Fear Factor: Fear Deficits in Psychopathy as an Index of Limbic Dysregulation” under the supervision of Dr. Kavita Prakash, and a research paper titled “HPA Functioning in Healthy Twins: Investigation of the Effect of Concurrent ADHD and ODD Symptomatology” under the supervision of Dr. Philippe Robaey.

Some of my current research projects include examining the personality traits associated with sharing positive news online, developing and validating a scale on aggrieved entitlement, investigating factors associated with cyberflashing and the differences in cyberflashing expectations and reality, and a study on the personality traits associated with trolling and how trolls select victims.

In my free time, I play Dungeons and Dragons and spend as much time in nature as I possibly can.