Currently Working On

1. Understanding Keyboard Courage: The Who, What, and Whys of Online Trolling

Role: Principal Investigator

Co-investigator: Stewart J., Mularczyk K.; Supervisor: Forth A.

Goal: To assess the personality factors associated with engaging in trolling behavior and endorsing the title of a “troll”. We will also examine victim selection among trolls.

2. Happiness with the First Share: Personality Traits and Likelihood of Sharing Positive News Online

Role: Principal Investigator

Supervisor: Zelenski J.

Goal: We want to examine how personality traits relate with the content of posts shared online and the response to the posts by online friends, as well as how that response relates with how people feel about the events they posted about.

3. Aggrieved Entitlement Scale Development and Validation

Role: Principal Investigator

Co-investigator: Stewart J.; Supervisor: Forth A.

Goal: The concept of Aggrieved Entitlement has been around for almost a decade but to date, there is no specific scale to measure it. We are trying to bridge this gap in the literature.